My Great Story

The first time I began volunteering was in 7th grade, where I joined an organization called student helping students. It was great to be associated amongst others who shared similar interests to positively impact the students in our junior high. I continued to participate with the organization throughout high school along with several other organizations. During my college years, I made it a prominent decision to continue volunteering my services to organizations despite the lack of time I had due to school and work.
Fourteen years later, my desire to be amongst others who share similar interest to impact the people around me in a positive way still stands strong. Gratefully, the Guiding Ohio Online program through Americorps has given me the platform to do so.My service site offers beginner courses in the Microsoft Office Suite, a Digital Media lab,and one on one assistance for our community to enhance their digital literacy. When I teach these courses, majority of the patrons I encounter are extremely glad the library has free resources available. Everyone always say how much they appreciate the help or the knowledge I provide and I cannot deny that’s the best part of this volunteer program is being thanked. Overall, this program is helping my development as a leader, a teacher, and a positive participate in my community. I am honored to be a volunteer for the Americorps program to enhance the community through digital literacy.

-Reva Pace