Great Story

Great Stories are written by Guiding Ohio Online AmeriCorps Members about their service.

I was always happy with the feedback I was getting from my patrons for helping with various technology problems.  It was difficult to get people to come and participate in my classes but I had regulars that scheduled appointments for me.  There was one patron in particular who always called me with some type of urgent technology problem.

  I had met with this patron for a few appointments already.  She was very sweet and I went a little above my job description to get her laptop working properly.   I enjoyed working with her and enjoyed listening to stories she told about the fascinating things she has done and is still doing.  At one appointment she scheduled, she kept complaining about itchy, dry skin.  I supported her thoughts of going to a doctor to get it checked out.

               Months went by and I haven't heard from this patron.  She slipped my mind for awhile until she called and requested an appointment for some type of technology emergency.  After telling her that the problem was a bit much for me, she began to tell me about all of her amazing achievements since I'd last talked to her.  She, then, got quiet and told me that she did go to the doctor and was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer.  Thankfully, she managed to get it treated soon and was doing well.  She thanked me after her appointment and told me she was happy that the library has someone to give people the attention they want for helping with their technology problems and for being so patient and kind.

               While this experience wasn't quite related to my time as a member of AmeriCorps with Guiding Ohio Online, it made me realize how important my role at the library was.  I have made such great connections with the patrons at the library where I serve.  This has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had so far.

-Rachel Henck